ifwom - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ifwom?

ifwom is an institute for marketing and word-of-mouth research, with headquarters in Berlin. Our goal is to investigate the impact and reach of word of mouth (the "pass on effect"). We want to find out how messages disseminate among friends and acquaintances, how far they spread, and whether certain messages are given preference over others. In scientific research - in business economics and even in other areas such as sociology - the effects of word of mouth have been investigated for many years. As a result, ifwom now works in scientific cooperation with the European Business School ESCP Europe. The first result of this collaboration is a scientific research project on "Empowered Involvement" (2009).

2. Who carries out the research?

Research projects are planned and carried out by employees of ifwom. The employees of the client companies - whose products are researched - receive mostly anonymised evaluations.

3. Why do you ask for my email address?

We wish to show our appreciation to those participating in the surveys and are therefore giving away vouchers and/or other prizes. In order to contact the winners and inform them of their prizes we do however require an email address. Everybody is free to decide whether or not they wish to provide their email address, and thus whether to participate or not.

We will only use your email address to contact you about the relevant ifwom survey.

4. What do I get for taking part in the surveys?

All participants have the following two advantages:

  1. Product quality: Your answers and opinions can help companies to improve the design and quality of their products. Ultimately, all word of mouth is based on the quality of the product, as well as the impression that people have of it and pass on to others. Through this research we can work together so that companies pay more attention to word of mouth - and to what customers really find important and desirable about their products.
  2. Your chance to win: Anybody who takes part in ifwom surveys can win exciting prizes.

5. What should I do with the research card once I have completed the survey?

After you have answered the survey make sure you keep the cards - put them in your purse, for example. When you speak to friends or acquaintances about the product you should then give a card to your conversation partner. The recipient will then be able to take part in our survey. This helps us to explore even longer word-of-mouth chains.

6. Who can I contact if I have further questions?

Should you have any further questions, please contact us via email at: info(at)