Consent to the collection, processing and use of my data.

As a rule, ifwom GmbH, Lohmühlenstr. 65, D-12435 Berlin, reg. no. HRB 128694B, District Court of Charlottenburg (hereinafter referred to as “ifwom”) does not collect any personal data when you take part in one of our surveys. All information you provide will be used by us solely for the purpose of generating statistics and reports without making any personal references.

An exception will apply if, while answering a survey, you inform us that you also wish to take part in the project competition and/or if you also wish to take part in the second and/or third follow-up survey. In this instance you will be asked to provide your e-mail address so we can notify you accordingly (in the event that you win and/or when the follow-up surveys are due to commence).


By providing my e-mail address (e.g. because I wish to take part in the project’s competition as well as the survey and/or if I wish to take part in the second and/or third follow-up survey), I agree to ifwom using this data to notify me by e-mail if I have won the project competition and/or when the relevant follow-up survey is due to commence. I understand that ifwom will not pass my data on to third parties and will not send me any advertising.


I understand that ifwom will, upon request, notify me of any data stored about me. ifwom reserves the right to issue this information electronically. I understand that stored data may be deleted at any time. When deleted, all of my data will be permanently removed from ifwom’s database. I also understand that it usually takes two to three working days until all data records are deleted.


I understand that at the end of an ifwom research project, all personal data (e-mail addresses) stored by ifwom (for participating in competitions and/or for announcing the commencement of follow-up surveys) will be automatically deleted by ifwom within one month and will thus be permanently removed from the ifwom database.


I agree to ifwom using tools such as cookies to collect, process and use my user data. Cookies are small identification files which the web server sends to my browser and which are stored by my computer. Information gathered by ifwom with the help of cookies is used solely to develop and tailor services more effectively to my interests. I am aware that I can adjust the settings of my browser so that the browser informs me before it accepts a cookie or so that it refuses to accept cookies. However, it is possible that some parts of the website will not work properly in this case.


I agree to ifwom collecting my IP address when I edit online surveys on the ifwom online platform. I agree to ifwom using IP addresses to carry out statistical evaluations for the purpose of administering and optimising the website. IP addresses are not linked to identifiable personal data.

I am entitled to withdraw my consent from ifwom at any time with effect for the future. The usage agreement will end in the event that consent is withdrawn.

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